3 Simple Ways to Provide Your Children the Freedom to Choose


Each generation goes through its own societal trends and/or changes. Today’s parents are no different, and what they experienced when they were young could contribute to how they raise their kids. For instance, Psychology Today expounds on the role of love in terms of raising a child. It refers to parenting through the traditional sense of staying present and visible to your kids. That includes everything from simple dinners and emotional conversations to attending a school play and expressing support.

Research found that little girls who were raised with a good foundation of love and support grew up into independent women. They don’t necessarily follow the ideal that a good marriage is the happy ending all women should aspire to, and choose to tread their own path.

This aspect of being strong-willed is what many parents today want for their young ones. A lot of couples want their kids to grow up happy and fulfilled in being who or what they truly want to become. With that in mind, here are 3 ways on how parents can provide the freedom of choice for their children.

Playtime development

In Buzzfeed’s list of today’s parenting trends, they highlighted the importance of development through play. Doing so gives your child a feel of independence, and you are able to encourage creativity in the process.

By not having them learn through a singular standard, they will more likely grow up to be comfortable with the concept of education. Skills like language, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving are nurtured through this method.

Dress up freedom

In line with a new parenting style called Gender Neutral Parenting (GNP), moms and dads are slowly giving the reins to their kids on what they like to wear. Tootsa refers to this action as a protest against societal stereotypes, considering that in this day and age, boys can dress up as fairies and princesses as much as girls can dress up as pirates and knights. Not only will it enhance and enliven their imagination, it can also expand their thinking beyond social standards.

Choose less sugary food

A lot of children, especially in the United States, are exposed to sugar at such a young age. It may even become an addictive part of a kid’s diet. This in turn might lead to health problems associated with the substance, one of the most common being obesity.

In response, Today’s Parent stresses to take control of your children’s sugar intake as they grow old. This way, kids won’t have a strong attachment to the taste, which gives them more will power to refuse too much sweet food and choose other types instead. It leads to a more diverse and relatively balanced diet.

In order to adapt this parenting style, you have to be very particular when it comes to grocery shopping. It’s vital to educate yourselves with what truly makes up the snacks you’re buying for your kids.

Giving children the freedom to choose will enable them to live the way they want when they grow older. Although, remember to keep things reasonable and realistic, as their moral compass and attitude later on depends on how you shape them up first while they’re young.


Exclusively written for BucksMont Moms
by MumJenStories