Moms in the Morning


It was a short night when the alarm went off this morning but I didn’t dare snooze it more than once.  There is just too much to accomplish before that “finish line” of the bus’s arrival.

It’s pajama day.  It’s C (of A-F) Day.  And it’s a Thursday.  Pajama day means that everyone can wear pajamas and bring quarters to school to support the library.  I usually count the money ahead of time but I took the late shift last night with children’s activities, cleaning, packing, homework signing and a trip to the store to fetch a set of pajamas for the heart broken girl who outgrew last year’s pair.  

With joy and empowerment from her new pink unicorn pajamas, my youngest decided to help by sorting through my money to find everyone’s quarters.  Why do I get so possessive of my plastic bags?  NO, don’t use the expensive gallon sized freezer bags with the zipper closer x 4 when a simple sandwich bag for a tenth of the cost could have done the job.  Even her pink unicorns could not have cheered her up when her siblings did not greet her efforts with thankfulness but with criticism.  “That’s not how you spell my name!  You wrote the 5 backwards!  My teacher doesn’t want me to write the number of quarters, just the dollar amount.”  So, the bags ended up in the trash and new bags were claimed.  We must have a dozen sharpies in the house but why in moments like this can we only find one?  

It is very hard to get tangles out of a six-year old’s long hair.  It is even harder when that six-year-old is sad.  It is down right impossible when the home parent forgot about baths and the previous day involved dimes, hair dye and hair spray.  Showering would be faster than brushing through this mess.  Maybe there would be just enough time if today she could manage all of the required shower steps by herself.  Maybe.   

C Day- child one.  Where are the library books that are supposed to be in your backpack?  Silly child, why did you fall asleep reading without getting up in the night, going downstairs and putting your book in the backpack?  Wishful thinking I know, to alleviate the stress of the morning search.  

C Day- child two. “I can’t wear these pajamas, they have green in them.  I am not allowed to wear green on the green screen for technology day.”  The only other set of pajamas I have are the Santa Claus ones. No one wants to wear those and why couldn’t I buy new pajamas for him when I was at the store last night?  No, there is not time to go to the store this morning.  No one is going to make fun of you if you have a change of clothes in your backpack for technology class.  Ok, skip the pajamas and just wear your non-green clothes.  Ok, pack your pajamas and I will write your teacher about a place and time to change.  I’m sure she will love getting a morning email.  

C-Day- child three.  I have to run a mile today; I want to wear shorts.  Check the temperature.  Explain the temperature.  It is only going to get up to 50 degrees are you sure you want to wear shorts?  I don’t have any short pajamas.  Why don’t you just skip pajama day this time, I’m sure there with be another.  

Thursday.  Confirm the lunch menu although this momma is in no mood for changing of minds.  You made your decision last night, now live with it.  How did you lose your water bottle?  Let’s find one that doesn’t leak and isn’t pink.  I’m sorry the Britta isn’t filled.  Please don’t use your unwashed hands to reach into the ice cube tray.  

Thursday… be ready for swim practice.  Don’t invite anyone afterschool.  It’s a busy night, you might want to grab a pencil, you might want to do some homework on the bus.  

I’m sorry you can’t brush your teeth because your sister is still in the shower.  Please don’t yell through the door- I will help.  

C-Day. Hurry we have to pick up another student and head to early morning orchestra.  No I don’t know where your music is.  Oh yeah, we can stop looking; you left it at school yesterday with the band folder you forgot.  Quick text to confirm plans with the neighbor.  Shoot, I wish I had seen that message about timing earlier.  

Remember your safety patrol badges.  It is the 4th week of the month so who is in charge of the middle of the bus and who has the back of the bus this week?  Don’t forget to turn in the check sheets.  

Please hurry to the car!  I can’t lock the door until you are all out!  We can’t be late to pick up your classmate! Scrape the window at least enough to see out.    

Off to the pick-up, off to school- just in the nick of time.  Hurry home and run to the bus stop with the youngest.  Her hair is still wet but at least it is brushed.  Just on time!  A smile spreads over her face as the neighbor compliments her pink unicorn pajamas.  She has me kiss her hand and I tell her I love her as she runs to the bus.

We made it to the finish line.


Written by Ginger Youngman, an alumna of the Bucks Mont Mothers of Multiples Club